(Surprise!) I am alive and punching

•March 30, 2011 • 1 Comment

Its almost been half a year since the last update, and as you probably know, the project is pretty much on hold. Still, the project is not without any progress. Only small changes, but they are rather significant – basically some bug fixing, a few new levels and some cleanup of codes. Right, after 1 and a half semester in university, i must say ive improved quite a lot in my programming skills. Looking back at the code for Mod Society, i must say that they are really rather badly written. I was really just trying to force my way out to accomplish what i want the game to do, without much thoughts put into the design of the code. What came out was something really messy, but still good enough for further progress. And i thought i was good XD.

Ive also included a twitter widget to the right of the page if you are interested to read more about my life, but seriously, why would anyone want to do that?


Suspension of Site

•August 15, 2010 • Leave a Comment

School has officially started and unfortunately, i wont be able to work as frequently on the game as i hoped to. In fact, i can only find time to work on it during the holidays. The game wont go abandoned however, as months and months of hard work has already been invested in it. Who knows? Maybe the game will turn up much better than i can hope to accomplish with my current level of skill! Im taking a game-related course in university after all :).

Therefore, i am calling for the suspension of the site. No longer will the site be updated until the end of the year, when the semester break commences. Seeya guys!!!

New Video : Base Operations

•July 22, 2010 • Leave a Comment

Alright, new video is up! The main focus of the video is on the new base mechanic that ive announced a few weeks back. Now, its almost fully functional.

Within the base, you will be able to accomplish the following things:

– Upgrade Facility – Weapon Factory / Mod Laboratory
– Research New Weapons / Mods (quality will depend on facility’s level)
– Upgrade Individual Weapons (up to a total of 3 levels)
– Decide which missions to take on
– Store Weapons / Mods
– Manage Equipment
– Save

The video also showcases some gameplay footage of the same graveyard level as the demo. Sorry for showing the same thing over and over but i dont want to show too much of the game at this point. You may be able to notice some subtle differences like a new HUD and a new enemy type (which appears at the start of the mission).

For those who are new to Mod Society, it is a 2D sidescroller that focuses on weapon customisation. Within the game, you will be able to research many weapons as well as mods to use in missions. Each weapon will be able to equip up to 3 mods (eg: Fire + Ice + Lightning) which will radically change its properties. The video showcases the combination : Pistol Mk2 + Wall Penetration + Meat Splitter + Stun + Boomerang.

The base mechanism is somewhat inspired by MGS: Peace Walker, so those who played that game before might find the mechanic similar in some ways.

Progress Report

•July 12, 2010 • Leave a Comment

Been around 2 weeks since the last update. Came back from camp and going for another. Regardless, progress is still ongoing. The entire base system is around 80% completed. Now you can upgrade weapons/mods, research new items and so on at the base. Ill post some screenshots when its fully done. Signing off.

Start of School

•June 26, 2010 • Leave a Comment

SOS! Just received a letter indicating that school starts on August the 2nd, and in a week’s time, ill be heading for some event called “freshmen orientation camp”. Not exactly looking forward to the camp, being the hermit i am but its essential if i wanna get friends to work with for the rest of my university life.

The game of this scale is seriously too ambitious for a single person to tackle alone in a length of 6 months. In the planning stage, i actually decided to complete the game by the previous month (see “Mod Society” page for proof), but i must admit that im really overestimating myself. Progress on the game doesnt move automatically when you’re working alone, it only inches forward when you spend much of your time and effort on the game. It puts some tremendous stress on you and you alone to complete what you started, yet you just cant stop doing it ‘cos its as precious as your baby. Not to mention the external pressure i got : things like why i wasnt earning money when i should be, why i was always cooping at home when i can be finding work. Indie developers just arent that respected in the real world.

All that wall of text doesnt mean im abandoning the project, but just that im slowing down. I dont think ill have that much time to work on it anymore. I deeply apologise to those that are really looking forward to the game. I dont think the game will be out before 2011 arrives.

Actually there isnt much to do anymore. In fact, i can say that the game is at least 70% done. Pieces of the puzzle is completed, all thats left is to piece them together. However, i must admit that i place my studies at top priority, and will only work on the game when im truly free.

So i did it again…

•June 8, 2010 • 2 Comments

Im…  about halfway working on the final boss, and you know what? I JUMPED AGAIN! Its just an old bad habit of mine. Whenever im working intensely on something,  i became sort of withdrawn from it after some time, and i went on to work on other parts of the game before coming back to it later.

Even the order in which im working with is pretty unconventional. The way i tackle the work so far is

1. Create the engine to playable state
2. GFX for all worlds
3. Minor Enemies for all worlds
4. Bosses (until 50% final boss) for all worlds
5. Continue working on the engine

The conventional way is to perhaps work on the engine, then work on EVERYTHING (gfx, enemies, bosses what have you) on a certain stage before working on the next.

Speaking of which, the menu system receives some subtle changes. For example, the stats of the weapons are replaced by bar instead of numbers. “Ammo Count” is replaced by “Magazine Size”. The weapons also have an additional stat called “Slots” which is the number of slots available for modding.

The overall mission and loot structure also receives an overhaul. This is decided after tons of time rethinking and planning. No longer are you able to receive a free weapon/mod simply by finishing a level, you got to research them. Its more complex than it sounds, but still user friendly enough to not turn off casual players.

Adopting the new mission structure is a very risky move. The original method is to select places to go to similar to the map system you see in Mario Bros. The map will also contains town in which new side missions will be unlocked.

The new method is radically different. The easiest way to describe it is that you’ll return to a base upon completion of a mission, in which you will receive sidequests and decide stuff from there. Hopefully doing so will offer some strategic elements to the game. A major part of the overhaul is because im running out of time too, with college starting and all.

On a side note, GunGirl 2 is out. You can get it free here. For those who dont know what the game’s about, its a action platformer, yet very different from my game. Its more of a metroidvania game similar to cave story. Its pretty good!

Only 1 last boss to go…

•May 30, 2010 • Leave a Comment

Havent updated for a while but this doesnt mean progress has stopped! In fact, im back with a screenshot of the boss in the syndicate stage. Do note that the screenshot (or any screenies at this point) isnt what itll look like in the final product, mainly with regards to the HUD.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Oh, and theres supposed to be metal crates at the side which ive yet to draw which explains the projectile’s direction. 😛

Only the final boss is left!

Driving lessons and my new android phone has been taking up much of my time, which explains the slow progress but the game is definitely progressing at a steady rate. There’s still much to do (even after the last boss is done) but ill definitely finish it even if uni’s about to start.

Game will probably be released by end 2010, i hope.