Mod Society

Game Demo

Grab the game alpha demo here :

Mod Society Demo Ver 1.1 (22.7mb)

Mod Society Demo (17.4mb)

The demo features only a single level (from the graveyard world) which repeats for infinite times. You will be able to collect 5 guns & 47 mods (18 unique mods). I would love to hear from you so please place your comments here.


Mod Society (still a working title) is a 2D Platforming Shooter similar to Contra  and Gunstar Heroes with a huge focus on gun customisation.

The structure of the game will be something like this:

Finish a “zone” of stages, go to town, upgrade your weapons, get sidequests from townfolks and unlock new areas within the zone to explore. Play any stages again to earn new guns/mods. Rinse and repeat.



March 11, 2010 – Sneak Peek at Syndicate World

March 11, 2010 – Demo Trailer

Gun Customisation

Every Gun comes with 5 slots – 2 base mods slots & 3 custom mods slots.

Base mods cannot be changed and is stuck with the weapon you’re equipping. The weapon “machine gun” as shown in the image has no base mods.

equipment menu

Custom mods, on the other hand, are fully customisable. Equipping a fire I mod on one of the slots will imbrue it with fire damage. Try different combination for different results.

changing a custom mod

So how do you get Guns/Mods? Completing any stages will earn you 2 random Guns/Mods. This can be done even if you complete the same stage. The loot earned will always be unique.

clearing a stage

(for more information, read the readme file coupled with the game).

Demo Feedback

Some feedbacks Mod Society received (filtered of course :P)

“SO MUCH FUUUUN!” – Matthew Wiese
“Seriously, this is one of the most entertaining indies I’ve played. Really.” – W3R3W00F
“Favd, deserved it, can’t wait for the full version!” – Demon Lizardman
“Whoah, nice! Customization and upgrades are some of my favorite gameplay elements. And killing zombies!” – Del Duio
“This is much more prefessional then most games i play! its really good.” – James Luke
“With this one level I had over an hour of fun =).” – Tomssuli

Deeper Mechanics

Chain System

Kill any enemy and earn 1 chain count. Every increase in the chain count will increase your firepower and XP earned by 10%. Getting hit by an enemy will reset it to 0. Utilisation of the chain system is key to easier kills.

Level Up

Gain XP to level up. Doing so will increase the maximum HP and also unlocks more powerful Mods/Guns to collect.


Your performance will be graded when a stage is completed. A better performance will earn you more cash.


Cash can be used to increase the “mark” of your weapons. This can only be done in shops. Upgrading a weapon will increase the statistics/base mods of the weapon.

(for more information, read the readme file coupled with the game).


When will the full game be available?

My goal is to have it finished by May 2010. But i don’t think its that realistic, so possibly by august 2010 (or never if i abandon it due to lack of interest or poor reception).

Is the full game going to be free?

Nope. A lot of time and effort is consumed by the game, and since this will probably be the last indie game coming from me, i wanna enter the commercial market for a change.

How much is the full game going to cost?

Not decided. It will be reasonably priced, possibly in the $5-$10 range.

Since the game is developed using the XNA framework, will the game be available on the XBOX 360?

If the reaction towards the game is good, i might consider porting it to the XBox. Its not exactly cheap buying a premium membership (to enable connection between the PC and the console).

I want to make games too! Where can i start?

If you have some programming background, you might want to consider learning XNA. However, if you are totally new to programming, you might want to consider buying a clickteam product ( It features a drag-and-drop interface conducive for game design. Most importantly, be patient. You can’t put out a decent game just after a week of learning. It will take time and experience.

I HATE this game / This game is DA SHIT / I LOVE this game!

Feel free to post your comments here, even negative ones. Greatly appreciated. 🙂


7 Responses to “Mod Society”

  1. Nice game. The flying skulls were a nice touch, and the animation of the player avatar is nice. I like the way the hair ruffles when you fire. Seeing that the guy is almost all hair, he’s sorta fully animated =) Is that supposed to be you?

    Have an issue where monsters jump into the pit trying to get at me… You may want to look into it.

    Also a bit of nitpicking: problems with grammar and some strange wording. Here’s the list:

    Ice, Fire and Lightning:
    IMBUE weapon with (element).

    Ice, Fire and Lightning Switch:
    Converts 40% TO (element) damage.

    … Enemies NEARBY also SUFFER fire damage.

    … Ammo dies off if it FLIES too far away from the screen.

    … Ammo dies off if it FLIES too far away from the screen.

    Bullets travel at twice THEIR initial speed in invisible form…

    Spiral Shot:
    … Deals additionAL pure damage.

    Missing the full stop.

    Description is a little weird. Suggest something like “fires fast-moving bullets.”

  2. Darn, spacing doesn’t work… sorry for the chunk of text.

  3. Hey thanks for taking the time to look at those description! No one commented on the game’s description yet haha. Ill amend those mistakes. And the enemies falling off is delibrate. There’re zombies anyway.

    Btw, you had msn right? We haven’t talked for a while :).

  4. Crackingly addictive!!

  5. Hey CYS, I hope you remember me… the laziest member of CC. I checked out TDC for old time’s sake and saw your game at #1 on the downloads. As you were always able to, you’ve tapped into a revolutionary idea, whilst keeping the play simple and addictive, and the looks sexy. Make it challenging enough and people will really reap fun out of the need to design weapons effectively. I don’t know if you’re planning on adding multiplayer, but you should. It would work great with the strategy element.

    I’m happy to see you’re still developing games and doing so beautifully – keeping an eye on this one. All the best.

  6. Hey chace! Yeh of course i remembered you. Its really a surprise to receive your comment after such a long time! Ive actually stopped developing games for a while. This is my first game after around 2-3 years and will perhaps be my final one.

    Online multiplayer you mean? Yeh that would be cool… but im really not that skilled yet. Im still really new to XNA (only 4 months of experience), but even if you asked me to code in MMF, im unable to do so. Maybe some other time. 😀

  7. Shame you gave up on this – was a cracker.

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