Basic Bio

Name : Wong Hong Wei
Nickname : CYS
Age : 20
Country : Singapore
Occupation : Unemployed (or Indie Developer)
Email/MSN : cysteine_creations AT hotmail.com
Facebook : View Profile

About Me

Hello and welcome to my blog. There’s really nothing interesting about me and my boring life. Im your typical hermit that always find myself cooping at home working on things. I only got out of conscription and is on my way to college which starts on august 2010. Slacking at home for a total of 8 months doesn’t sound too bad… but i wouldn’t forgive myself if i waste 8 months of my life doing nothing. I decided to come back to work on games.

Multimedia Fusion 2 / The Game Factory 2 (by clickteam)

I have probably worked on games for a decade (in multimedia fusion) but the duty of attending school hinders my progress. As a result, games ive worked on are often minature and can be completed in a matter of minutes. Ive worked on many different types of movement engines but none of which results in a real game being made, due to the lack of time and interest. I even established a group called Cysteine Creations back in the days that consists of 6 members.

Cysteine Creations Logo (created by Guillermo)

However, when i realised that game development is hindering my progress in school, i decided to go full-time in upgrading my “studies” stats. That happens 4 years ago when i entered high school. Its a tough decision but it ultimately pays off. The story didn’t end in high school. Graduation conveys a new meaning – army. In Singaporean, there is conscription. The next 2 years would make me a soldier and never let go. Its a good 2 years gone and wasted.

And so back to the present. After finalising my game project, i decided to give it a go at learning MMF2. The interface is rather similar to MMF and it didn’t take me long. After working for a week or two, i abandoned it. MMF2 just doesn’t have the necessary resources needed for a game as big as this.

The alternative : learn to make game the procedural way. Having learned C++ back in high school, learning a new language is easy enough. Within a week, i have learned to code using the XNA framework. I started porting the game over.

XNA Creators Club Online

And so here i am. Working on the game and making it work. XNA has been treating me good so far. Thanks for reading this brief introduction about me!


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