Embracing the new

Its time for some good news for a change!

Seeing as i have almost finished done preparing for my 2nd year in university, i have some time left to work on the game. Remember when i said i was overly ambitious? i commit the same mistake again, but this time its for a good reason – the game is now in WIDESCREEN.

Perhaps its because all the TVs and computers at home have leapt to embrace the new trend. I find myself unable to tolerate 4:3 any longer. It even extends to the animes ive chosen to watch, a habit ive adopted rather recently. Making the change in the game was actually rather tedious – backdrops have to be lengthened, enemy spawnpoints amended, placement of objected shifted, and so on. But the payoff was rather great, if i say so myself.

More good news coming up in the next few days!


~ by HW on July 8, 2011.

3 Responses to “Embracing the new”

  1. Widescreen is great for games and movies, not so much for most computer applications XD Web pages, for example, tend to be taller than wider. Reason why I got a 4:3 monitor instead of a widescreen one XD

    Still, good change, will be great on Xbox! ^o^ I’m glad to hear you are dedicating your game some time ;D

    What animes are you watching? I’m watching Ashita no Joe, interesting so far :p


    • im not exactly sure how it would work for 4:3 monitors actually, gonna dig up one to try. but i believe you should see some borders at the top and bottom, which i think shouldnt be that bad. The good thing you get to see further of whats going on. Bullets stay on screen longer, no “surprise attacks” from enemies that pop out from the side of screen suddenly, screen less obscured by the hud, and aiming actually matters more.

      im actually watching Bakemongatari and anime adaptation of Valkyria Chronicles (never got a chance to play it since i dont have a ps3 :(). Fullmetal Alchemist Brotherhood a while back and man was it amazing! 10x better than the first.

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